Interior Design

Best Paint Color For Your Rental

white wallsSemi-gloss white paint has been the go to color for my apartments. I have four studio apartments. They are not big in size, but the white walls make them look clean,  big and bright on photos. Semi-gloss white is better than flat white because the shine from the paint will hide small imperfections. Semi-gloss paint is easy to maintain, and can be found in most stores, like Walmart, and easy to touch up any small spots. They blend in with the original paint seamlessly.

White color space is preferred by most people. It is modern and clean. When it comes to color, people has many preferences. Even the most popular color can be dislike by some. Since my guests are from different countries and cultures, it is better to have a white space, where is accepted by most people. I cannot imaging someone write in a review that they dislike white wall, unless white walls are the only thing you provide.

Personality and color can be easily added to an all white space. For example, colorful pillow cases, bed sheets, duvet covers, lamp, shower curtain, wall arts, flowers and plants, even colorful towels. If you want to switch things up, simply change the pillow cases, etc. Changing pillow cases is so much easier and quicker than repainting the room.

Once in a while, when I see spots on the walls, I would go to Walmart and pick a small can of semi-gloss white paint and paint brush, and touch up all the spots on the walls. Just a little dabbing is enough to cover the spots. I can do this even when there is back to back check in and check outs. Touch ups can be done and dried within 3-4 hours.

Busy hosts that has multiple units and back to back guests checking in and out in the same day. No one has the time to paint and wait for it to dry? In addition, blocking off a few days for a paint job means losing money on rentals, without mentioning the extra effort to hire a trustworthy and reasonably priced painter, who will have time during the days that the apartment is not rented. I say do it yourself is the ultimate goal.

There are many repairs and maintenance work that would take a few days to finish, but painting doesn’t have to be one of them.

Go for the cleaner, bigger, brighter and easy maintenance option and use semi-gloss white paint.


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