One Of The Best Ways To Fold Towels To Make Them Look Organized.

I manage four apartments. Generally, I have a couple stay in my apartments. Every apartment has four sets of towels for two guests to use. Every set has three towels: a small face towel, a medium hand towel, and a large bath towel. I also provide two beach towels since we are close to the beach. So there are a total of 14 towels for two guests. For every additional guest, I will add a set of towels and a beach towel.

The amount of towels can get overwhelming. I found that one of the best ways to fold them is to roll them, and tuck the end of the towel into itself. This way, it looks nice, professional, and it won’t come undone on its own.

towels 1
This is a large beach towel
towels 2
Flip it over
towels 3
Fold any corner over
Fold it in half in length
Start rolling from the end
Roll it all the way up leaving a little end out to tuck in
Tuck in the end
You are done
The towel is well tucked in and will stay organized
Looks nice and professional
A great to fold and display towels

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