Fold Your Towels Like A 5-Star Hotel

It is easy to make a good first impression on your guests when you have beautifully folded towels. My favorite way to present my towels is to do a fan shape. This shows your guests that you put in the time and effort to welcome them, and that you really care.

I have my guests self check-in. Since I am not there to welcome them, it is important to let my guests know that I care. There are many ways that can show caring, such as having a clean and fresh apartment, give them flowers, chocolate. However, presenting the towels beautifully folded is a great way to show them that you put in the time and effort to welcome the guests.

Here is how to fold your towels like a 5-star hotel:

First the Medium Hand Towels:

Place the medium hand towel with the tag facing up.


Fold 3-inch over, hiding the tag.
Fold both sides over.
Now you have a little pocket to insert the hand towel in.
Put the hand towel on a flat surface
Fold small creases from the bottom to the top
Fold it in half
Insert it into the medium hand towel pocket we made earlier
There is the finished product
Place it over the bath towel

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