No More Messy Bottles- Replace Them With Clean-Looking Wall Dispensers

How many bottles of shampoo, conditioner, body wash, and hand soap do you have laying around? They don’t provide a clean look, and they take up space. They are not ecological, as accumulated bottles take up space in your rental, and make more land wastes.

To be more ecological, install a wall dispenser is the best way to go. You can refill the shampoo and body wash during each check in and check out. Less bottles, less mess and more savings.

Guests like clean and ecological rentals too. Instead of bring their own shampoo and body wash bottles during travels, causing suspicion by the TSA, they can leave their liquid bottles at home. The dispensers are installed inside the shower, so they don’t need to bring the bottles into the shower. Just press the button, shampoo and body wash comes out. Easy and convenient.

It is convenient for the host as well. Installing a dispenser is a one-time job, afterwards, you are done for the life of your dispenser. This one that I found on Amazon looks chic and easy to install. Its also reasonably priced, and easy to refill.

Believe it or not, this is the first time I drilled into tile, or drilled into anything. I am pretty proud of my installation. I chose to drill into the tile instead of using tapes because the last thing I want is my guests calling me that the dispensers had dropped and shattered on the floor. That would be a bad review for sure.

So much bottles, so messy
Installing my dispenser
Looking more clean and organized.


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