Potential Problems

Booked For 2 Guests, But More Showed Up.

One of the recurring problems is that guests make a reservation for two, but more than two people was in the apartment. Guests allowed their friends to enjoy the apartment with them. A couple brought their infant along with them but didn’t pay for their infant on the reservation. This happened to me many times, and I was not able to recoup my cost.

My guests self check-in, therefore I can’t check how many people are actually inside the apartment, however, it is easy to get around this even if it was not self check-in. They can bring their friends and infant into the apartment later, after the host check one of them in.

From the third person onward, I charge $60 dollars per person per night. Yes, even infants and toddlers. They are humans and they do make a mess, sometimes, they make more mess than adults.

One couple who booked for two people ended up bringing their infant along with them, and they left dirty diapers everywhere inside the apartment. They also pulled out the extra sofa-bed sheets that was meant for the next guests, and used it. During their entire stay, they did not mention a word about having an additional guest. This is dishonest and disrespectful.

Not only they were dishonest, but they made a mess. Cleaning up those dirty diapers took an additional hour.They also took advantage of everything they could. They asked for an early check in, and late check out which I accommodated. However, they  didn’t have the sensibility to clean up after their infant that they didn’t pay for.

You might think infants and toddlers should not be charge because they are small and harmless. In my experience, it is quite the opposite. Parents of infants usually don’t clean up after their infants. Toddlers put fingerprints everywhere. I have had parents who fed their toddler bright orange color candies, and they smear my white duvet cover in orange fingerprints, and trashed my duvet.

Airbnb does not allow the host to charge guests for extra persons’ stay after the fact. That is not fair, and all I could do is to leave those guests a bad review. However, you might be able to claim the charge through extra cleaning fees, if you hired a cleaner to clean your place.

This injustice is okay with me for now because there hasn’t been any no physical damage to the apartment. Any physical damage to the apartment can be claimed from the guests’ deposit.

A bad review will prevent them from booking from their account again.

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