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Tried to Hide the Third Unpaid Guest

I arrived at 3pm to let this Japanese guest into the apartment. He never requested an early check in until he arrived at the front door. When I arrived just before 3pm, he was trying punch in the code in the keypad to enter.

When I informed him that I needed a few minutes to check the apartment, he came inside the apartment also. But he acted strange. He wasn’t friendly, and seemed that he didn’t appreciate me being there. Known how friendly Japanese guests usually are, this behavior was puzzling. I told him that my husband was on his way here to drop off more supplies, he asked “your husband? here? why?” I didn’t want to stay too long, and I held up the two rolls of toilet papers, and asked him if that was enough. He said “Yes.”

Feeling uneasy, I left before my husband arrives. I bumped into him downstairs, and told him that the guest did not seemed to want me there, and he said two toilet paper rolls were enough. My husband asked me if I deleted the previous guests’ code, which I forgot in the midst of this uncomfortable encounter.

I decided to turn back to the apartment to deleted the code. As I was walking into the elevator, I saw my guest brought his wife and daughter inside the elevator. What a coincidence? At this time, I realized that he wanted me to leave the apartment as soon as possible so he can bring his wife and daughter up to the apartment without me knowing it. He was actively trying to hide his daughter from me since he only booked for two, since we charge for the third person/child or infant.

In the past, I have had guests who brought their child to the apartment without paying, and I didn’t know until after the fact. I couldn’t charge them as Airbnb does not allow that. This is the first time that I caught someone red-handed. His shadiness was a surprise as Japanese are usually known for their honesty.

I confronted him and told him that we charge $59 dollars per night for the third person. He pretend to be shocked and pointed at my apartment and said “this room?” For someone who actively tried to hide his daughter and then act shocked, pretending he didn’t understand English, was a new experience for me. I told him that he can cancel the reservation and go elsewhere. But he said “why do I want to cancel my reservation?” I told him that I simply wanted him to know that he had a choice; he doesn’t have to stay at my apartment. At this time, he said he will pay.

And he did pay within a few hours after my request. I also messaged Airbnb about this incident, and noted that he has a prior negative review where he brought friends to another Airbnb apartment and disturbed the neighborhood at night.

I was lucky that I was able to catch him during the reservation. Airbnb will not let hosts charge for extra guests from the security deposit after the reservation ended. This is also the first time we hosted someone with a negative review. A negative review should be a warning for all hosts.

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